Early Fall Wedding in Montgomery County PA

Megan and Brian were the first couple I ever took photos of. They gave me a chance and I am forever grateful for that. It turned out they liked me enough to book me for their wedding too so I was especially pumped up to shoot this one.

Venue: MOYO Planner: Dream Day Events

Montgomery County PA Wedding

Brooke and Rob’s wedding was set in the lovely William Penn Inn in Montgomery county PA. I photographed their engagement session last fall and I was so excited to shoot their wedding day! Some of my favorite things about their wedding were the cake, made by the Velvet Sky Bakery and the fact that they invited me to sign their Ketubah. So I feel like I was a slightly bigger part of their day. How awesome is that!

Venue & Florals: William Penn Inn Wedding - Cake: Velvet Sky Bakery - Ketubah: Damara Does Design Officiant: Rabbi Robyn Frisch - Hair: Lisa Cantu Passio - Makeup: Casey Cono from Dylan Michael Cosmetics - Planner: Vintage Kissed Rentals

Center City Philadelphia Wedding

Stephen & Jeffrey’s wedding was as center city as a center city Philadelphia wedding could get. Set in the Courtyard Marriott Hotel just across the street from city hall and a few minutes walk from Love Park. Their Black and Red theme and the florals from Carl Alan Floral Design fitted beautifully with the location.

Florals: Carl Alan Floral Design Venue: Courtyard Marriott Philadelphia Downtown

Country Inn Wedding in Barto, PA.

Danielle & Corey's wedding day was in a beautiful country setting at the Bally Spring Inn. It was a perfectly overcast day for that nice soft lighting too. Some of my favorite things were the eucalyptus in the bouquet, the wooden beams inside the ballroom and the fact that they set up Cornhole outside on the deck.

Other Vendors - Venue: Bally Spring Inn, Florals: Cameron Peters Floral Design,

Julie & Benjamin, Spring in PA

Benjamin (My brother-in-law) and his girlfriend Julie were visiting the east coast for Benjamins Dad's birthday. After the family gathering I took the two of them outside for a quick couples session. They did super well considering there was other family members milling around and looking at us like we were a bit crazy.

Anniversary Trip - Hiking the Delaware Water Gap

If you read my honeymoon blog, you'll know Melissa and I aren't the resort type. Neither of us are good at doing nothing and we both like to explore. So on our anniversary, we took a couple days and drove north from Philly to explore a couple trails around the Delaware Water Gap. Melissa kicked the day off by making homemade bagels, so that was pretty freaking great!

We headed north and stopped at Cafe Duet in Stroudsburg PA, then made our way up through the park to explore Raymondskill Falls. The falls were nice but the trail was relatively short so there was quite a few people hanging around too. We followed another trail that went down stream a little and we hung out there where there were less people.

The air bn'b we stayed in a little past Milford, PA had a little fire pit so we bought supplies to make s'mores and built a tiny fire to roast the marshmallows.

The next day, the hike we planned for was closed so we drove further south to find something else. Our conversation was that we should start off easy as we hadn't hiked for a few months. The trail we ended up taking was marked as one of the most challenging in the park. So that was a complete flip, but the trail was very nice and there was a couple of nice viewpoints along the way. I'm glad we just went for it.

As much as I love Philly, I'm originally from a town of 40,000 people in Scotland so its nice to get a break from the chaos of city life and just hang out with my wife. I can't think of a better way to have spent our first anniversary.

Erin & Ben

In December 2017, my wife and i visited my friends and family in Scotland. I took the opportunity to do a couples photoshoot of 2 of my closest friends with their 6 month old child.

For a full 3 days of our trip we had sun. Then we had a night of snow and a day of rain. We did this photoshoot in the rain, with the damp slushy snow melting around us and no weather appropriate clothing. As a result, it was one of the fastest photoshoots I have conducted. What we were left with was a wonderful wintery scene. Ben and Erin both wore a muted yellow color which produced the nicest earthy color contrast from the green and white.

Michelle & Brendan

In the Spring of 2017 I photographed Michelle & Brendan in Brandywine Creek State Park. We started by walking through fields of tall grass and buttercup flowers. Then we headed down some little forest trails, hoping we would find the river we could hear in the distance. Along the way, Michelle and Brendan kept me on my toes by being super cute together in between locations or poses.

Towards the end of the session we wandered into the middle of a Disc Golf tournament. A sport that I have never heard of. There didn't seem to be much happening but the participants said it was pretty dangerous. In the end, we survived. Woo!

Aquarium & Old City Philly Engagement

Brooke & Rob's engagement session started off with us meeting outside La Colombe, by the Liberty Bell in Philly. We were planning on heading straight to the Aquarium but I liked the red tables and chairs so first of all I had them take a seat there for a photo. It was also a nice spot to give them my pre engagement shoot pep talk and hopefully ease their nerves about the shoot. I guess I did something right because before long they were able to simply enjoy each others company without worrying about the camera.

The Aquarium was fun to experiment with photos in. There is lots of mixed lighting and thick glass that created crazy reflections. My favorite point was the big round windows that were in a dark hall so Brooke and Rob were silhouettes in front of them.

We were ushered out of the Aquarium at closing time and took a few photos on the waterfront before heading back over to Old City. We found our way to the first bank that sits beside Independence Hall. As We arrived we couldn't help but notice a slightly older couple standing just across from the bank, kissing intensely. I posed them on either side of one of the pillars, our wedding photographer had us do something similar on our wedding day and I wanted to try a version of it (Steal like an artist, they say). Then I perched them on the steps where they noticed that the couple we passed on the way, were still there. They were still there when we left too!... Ah, young love!

We were running out of light quite quickly so we sped walked through Washington Square park to a nice spot for street and alley shots. On the street corner I bent a branch down from a tree, thinking I'd be fancy and shoot through the leaves. It proved a bit of an awkward branch, so I told them to hang out for a second so I could figure this thing out. They proceeded to do my favorite pose of the day and at the same time gave me a pose I can use in the future. Happy days!

Rustic Wedding in West Chester PA

The first thing i noticed when I arrived at Taylor and Eric's wedding was it's rustic nature. Temenos Retreat center is tucked away in the woods near West Chester, PA. There is a stone cottage and beautifully weathered wooden buildings surrounding it. The lovely yet simple decor complimented the nature of the venue and I had fun noticing more plants and details as the day went on.

The guys were still all wearing t-shirts when I found them, so I was directed up a small trail towards where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready. After photographing the final stages of preparation, the team stepped outside for a brief photo session.

I made my way back down the trail and to my amazement, all the guys were suited up and ready to go. Their officiant had one special request... He has a tradition that whenever he attends a wedding where he knows the groom, he has his picture taken with the groom carrying him. So of course, that happened.

One of the groomsmen played the.... Xylophone?... I think it's called something else and it sounds awesome. As the bride approached wth her father, I could see the pride and emotion he was feeling. It might sound a bit cliché but it's these moments that make wedding photography such a great job. I get to feel the happiness surrounding peoples wedding day and catch those emotions in photos.

During a lovely ceremony, the bride and groom were tasked with sawing a log. It's a German tradition which signifies the couple facing the first task together. I thought this was brilliant! It fit right in wth the location too.

After the ceremony, the bride and grooms family and wedding party gathered for some formal pictures. I then took the bride and groom to the trail I had walked up earlier for some more photos. We hit that time of day where the sun was beating down on every inch of the venue so we did our best to find shade and work with the light we had. I think we did alright!

The guests had the chance to play corn hole and frisbee before sitting down for the reception. Introductions are always fun. I caught some of my favorite expressions and gestures in these photos, particularly the best man and maid of honor wiping their mouths after downing their drinks.

After some heartfelt speeches I took a couple more portraits of the bride and groom because I was obsessed with getting the blurry bokeh lights n the background. Shortly after, it was time for dances and cake cutting.

Of course after they cut the cake, they wiped it on each others faces. And then wiped it off each others faces... And then broke out the ice cream. Because why not!

In the final picture, some of the guests saw a frog, tracked it through a bush, and retrieved it to show to Eric because he studied wildlife. I was glad I saw that just as I was leaving.

It was a much hotter day than expected for early October. So naturally, being Scottish, I spent the majority of the day sweating. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time photographing Taylor and Eric's wedding day!