Rustic Wedding in West Chester PA

The first thing i noticed when I arrived at Taylor and Eric's wedding was it's rustic nature. Temenos Retreat center is tucked away in the woods near West Chester, PA. There is a stone cottage and beautifully weathered wooden buildings surrounding it. The lovely yet simple decor complimented the nature of the venue and I had fun noticing more plants and details as the day went on.

The guys were still all wearing t-shirts when I found them, so I was directed up a small trail towards where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready. After photographing the final stages of preparation, the team stepped outside for a brief photo session.

I made my way back down the trail and to my amazement, all the guys were suited up and ready to go. Their officiant had one special request... He has a tradition that whenever he attends a wedding where he knows the groom, he has his picture taken with the groom carrying him. So of course, that happened.

One of the groomsmen played the.... Xylophone?... I think it's called something else and it sounds awesome. As the bride approached wth her father, I could see the pride and emotion he was feeling. It might sound a bit cliché but it's these moments that make wedding photography such a great job. I get to feel the happiness surrounding peoples wedding day and catch those emotions in photos.

During a lovely ceremony, the bride and groom were tasked with sawing a log. It's a German tradition which signifies the couple facing the first task together. I thought this was brilliant! It fit right in wth the location too.

After the ceremony, the bride and grooms family and wedding party gathered for some formal pictures. I then took the bride and groom to the trail I had walked up earlier for some more photos. We hit that time of day where the sun was beating down on every inch of the venue so we did our best to find shade and work with the light we had. I think we did alright!

The guests had the chance to play corn hole and frisbee before sitting down for the reception. Introductions are always fun. I caught some of my favorite expressions and gestures in these photos, particularly the best man and maid of honor wiping their mouths after downing their drinks.

After some heartfelt speeches I took a couple more portraits of the bride and groom because I was obsessed with getting the blurry bokeh lights n the background. Shortly after, it was time for dances and cake cutting.

Of course after they cut the cake, they wiped it on each others faces. And then wiped it off each others faces... And then broke out the ice cream. Because why not!

In the final picture, some of the guests saw a frog, tracked it through a bush, and retrieved it to show to Eric because he studied wildlife. I was glad I saw that just as I was leaving.

It was a much hotter day than expected for early October. So naturally, being Scottish, I spent the majority of the day sweating. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time photographing Taylor and Eric's wedding day!