Aquarium & Old City Philly Engagement

Brooke & Rob's engagement session started off with us meeting outside La Colombe, by the Liberty Bell in Philly. We were planning on heading straight to the Aquarium but I liked the red tables and chairs so first of all I had them take a seat there for a photo. It was also a nice spot to give them my pre engagement shoot pep talk and hopefully ease their nerves about the shoot. I guess I did something right because before long they were able to simply enjoy each others company without worrying about the camera.

The Aquarium was fun to experiment with photos in. There is lots of mixed lighting and thick glass that created crazy reflections. My favorite point was the big round windows that were in a dark hall so Brooke and Rob were silhouettes in front of them.

We were ushered out of the Aquarium at closing time and took a few photos on the waterfront before heading back over to Old City. We found our way to the first bank that sits beside Independence Hall. As We arrived we couldn't help but notice a slightly older couple standing just across from the bank, kissing intensely. I posed them on either side of one of the pillars, our wedding photographer had us do something similar on our wedding day and I wanted to try a version of it (Steal like an artist, they say). Then I perched them on the steps where they noticed that the couple we passed on the way, were still there. They were still there when we left too!... Ah, young love!

We were running out of light quite quickly so we sped walked through Washington Square park to a nice spot for street and alley shots. On the street corner I bent a branch down from a tree, thinking I'd be fancy and shoot through the leaves. It proved a bit of an awkward branch, so I told them to hang out for a second so I could figure this thing out. They proceeded to do my favorite pose of the day and at the same time gave me a pose I can use in the future. Happy days!