Megan & Brian

Megan & Brian were the first couple I ever did a photoshoot for. After I decided to become a wedding photographer my wife, Melissa, put up a Facebook status asking if anybody needed a photoshoot. Megan was a friend of a friend and took me up on the offer.

Since it was my first couples photoshoot, I was quite nervous about messing it up. I went to the location (Locust Walk) in advance and scouted it out so i was kinda familiar with the area and spots that I liked. I researched poses and built a picture in my mind of what I wanted and how I wanted the photoshoot to go.

As we made our way down Locust Walk, Brian Suggested some photos by a little pond. I'm glad we made the detour as we got the photo inside the hexagonal area in the middle of a building. Although its a bit different for a couples photoshoot, it's one of my favorites. Afterwords, we walked down to Cira Green for some nice photos with the city in the background.

I didn't expect too much of myself for my first photoshoot, but due to my preparation, I surpassed my own expectations, learned a lot, and subsequently, Megan & Brian booked me for their wedding! I can't wait!